Tuesday, 5 August 2014

World War 1 Commemoration

Source: Express
Today marks a special day because it has been 100 years since world war 1 began. In the army many kiwi's volunteered to serve in the war. 500 woman went to the war as nurses to help the people who were wounded. An important part of the war where New Zealand fought was held in Gallipoli in 1914. 100,000 kiwi's went to world war 1 and only 18,500 came back to New Zealand and some of them were wounded.

The army started by first going to Samoa to free them from the Germans. Then they went to Egypt where they were trained for the battle at Gallipoli. New Zealand had to stop the big guns from hitting other countries. On the 4th of August 1914 Britain declared war. Over 2,500 Maori and Pacifica Men served in the New Zealand Army. 10 of the women who went to war died when their ship sunk from a German U-boat (Submarine). For five years New Zealand fought from Gallipoli all the way to western France.

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