Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cyrus Story

Stumbling across the icy antarctic a man name Greg Inglis.He was walking until a snowball came right at him so he ran for his life he saw a icy cave so he ran into the cave.It was night time so he went to sleep it was really cold.

It was really chilly that Greg Inglis almost froze to death.morning came and Greg Inglis was still sick so he walked to the boat but it was broke.So he tried to build a new boat.

So he find some wood from his old boat he got some string.He put everything together and it made a boat.It was time to go to in the boat to go to find another boat to take Greg Inglis home.

When he was in his little boat he saw a big boat called the titanic.He was waving his flag he made so the boat ame to save him.So Greg Inglis lived happy ever after.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


In Antarctica it is like an icy desert and the temperature is extremely cold.The wind is really strong that you can get blown of your feet .The largest desert in the world is Antarctica because the wind will push you away fast that’s why and the wave are dangerous to swim inside the cold water if you do the ice inside the water can freeze you.

A killer whale is really dangerous because they eat mammals who lives in Antarctica are the biggest mammals in the world.They travel around the world to find some food.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Antarctica Sea

I lerned that in the Antarctica sea that the deeper you go the colder it get.