Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Pig

One windy day there were three pigs who on a farm in Miami. They were walking around the farm,suddenly they saw big wave coming toward. Running for their lives they jump on a wood.

Floating around the farm the three pigs jump on the roof of the shed. They were scared “help help” said the mother pig. the were really hungry.

Another big wave coming toward like a plan almost pushing them of the roof.The water got higher and higher until it hit my leg.

Suddenly we could hear a boat noise,it my the farm I was so relieved. The pig went away happy and safe.

Sally and the Cheese

This is my presentation about making cheese.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Jessie Big Day

On one sunny morning, Jessie the ewe was out in the open paddock with all her friends. Jessie and all her friend were eating the fresh green grass and feeling nice and warm in their big wooly fleeces.

Jessie was eating  the green grass, suddenly she saw a Huntaway and an Eye dog. Jessie was filled with fear. Last time the vicious dogs came they chased her all round the paddock. The two dogs said “I am so excited I just want to chase the ewes again.”

“Oh those vicious dogs are going to chase us again.” Jessie said “friends stand in formation and run for your lives. That Huntaway is going to kill us just don’t stop running until you get to the sheep shed.

“Man I hate this time of year” Jessie said standing outside, “do you remember what happened last year, the farmer cut me?” Jessie’s BFF Sally said “come down, just try not to kick that is how you get cut.”

Standing outside she could hear shearers shear the sheep.Jessie tried to run away but the two  vicious dogs were standing at the back of the line blocking them.

Jessie could hear her other friend trying to run away from the shearers. It was Jessie’s  turn, the shearers caught Jessie on the legs when she was trying to run away.The shearers flapped Jessie on her back so the shearers started the shear clip ZZZZZZZZZZZ
The shearers started cutting the wool off. Jessie cried out loud “help help this man is going to kill me”. All the wool was cut off and had been turn into a blanket.

After the
shearers was finish he throw Jessie down the tunnel.Jessie was happy that it was finish.Jessie was running around the open paddock saying “i'm free i'm free” so Jessie lived happy ever after.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Beauty and the Beast

This is a recording of an interview with the characters Beauty and with the Beast.
The TV interview show gets the story of what happened from them both so that the public know how  they ended up married together.

listen to ‘Cyrus Mamoe B.A.T.B’ on Audioboo

WALT - describe the main character
         - plot the decisions the character makes and their consequences.