Friday, 12 December 2014

Goodbye Blog

Goodbye Blog for this is my last blog post because I will be moving to a schools that has no Chromebook just paper and pencil. Thank you teachers for helping me to be success for in life. I just would like to said Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Goodbye to the people you goes on my blog thank you for sending feedback to me so I know what to fix up and become a better writer.

Thursday, 11 December 2014


On the first day of 2014 it was so exciting going back to school to try and do the goal I wrote in 2013. It was so hard trying to listen to the teacher and people who are talking.

My goal next year will be to work harder and listen to other people. To do these things I will have to be good at doing my work and handing it in on time, doing my homework and finishing of things I have not done. For listen I will have to get stuff out of my hands and listen.

Thanks to Mr Somerville, Mr Goodwin, Mrs Gardan, and Mrs Jacobson for teaching us maths, writing, and how to read in 2014.

The Quiz

Kawau Island Quiz from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Kyrie Irving Vs Chris Paul

Kyrie Irving is going is going and steps Chris Paul and gets a dunk? This is the NBA playoff championship when two team fight for the Championship cup Los Angeles vs Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving vs Chris Paul for the MVP.

The 1st quarter has started Kyrie goes for two point and he gets it in how, it is Paul turn he goes for a three point and gets blocked by Kyrie and gets a run away and gets a big dunk. Now it is the 2nd quarter Paul gets the first two point now Kyrie goes for a three point and gets it in.

How it onto the 3nd quarter Kyrie gets a dunk over Paul how gets a three point in Kyrie with two point in. Now it is the 4th quarter it even 5 seconds left Kyrie goes from half way and it is in is over  Cleveland Cavaliers has won his 2nd cup Kyrie has won the MVP.

Camp Bentzon

On week 6 the year 6 at Pt England School Kawau Island Camp Bentzon. On The First day we had to be at school at 7 o'clock to load on the bus for the hour bus ride to Sandspit. When we arrived we had unload the bus and wait for the ferry. We had morning tea at Sandspit and Walked to the park and wait till the ferry to come.

When the ferry arrived we had to load the ferry with all our bags and our food. After loading the ferry we all went on top of the ferry. The ferry took 25 minutes to get to Camp Bentzon, when we got there we had to do the haka on the top of the ferry. We had to unload the ferry and get read for our walk. Please leave some feedback so II know what I can fix up next time.