Thursday, 4 December 2014

Kyrie Irving Vs Chris Paul

Kyrie Irving is going is going and steps Chris Paul and gets a dunk? This is the NBA playoff championship when two team fight for the Championship cup Los Angeles vs Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving vs Chris Paul for the MVP.

The 1st quarter has started Kyrie goes for two point and he gets it in how, it is Paul turn he goes for a three point and gets blocked by Kyrie and gets a run away and gets a big dunk. Now it is the 2nd quarter Paul gets the first two point now Kyrie goes for a three point and gets it in.

How it onto the 3nd quarter Kyrie gets a dunk over Paul how gets a three point in Kyrie with two point in. Now it is the 4th quarter it even 5 seconds left Kyrie goes from half way and it is in is over  Cleveland Cavaliers has won his 2nd cup Kyrie has won the MVP.

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