Tuesday, 9 July 2013

NBA Lebron James VS Blake Griffin

Lebron James is going is going and steps Blake Griffin and gets a dunk?This is the NBA playoff championship when two team fight for the championship cup LA clippers vs Miami Heats.Lebron James vs Blake Griffin for the MVP of the year cup.

The 1st quarter has started lebron goes for two point and he gets it in how it is blake turn he goes for a three point and gets blocked by Lebron and gets a run away and gets a big dunk.How it is the 2nd quarter blake gets the first two point how Lebron  goes for a three point and gets it in.

How it onto the 3nd quarter Lebron gets a dunk over blake how blake gets a three point in Lebron with two point in.How it is the 4th quarter it even 5 seconds left Lebron goes for a three point and it is in it is over Miami Heats has won their 2nd MVP cup Lebron has won the player of the year cup.


  1. What a really neat post Cyrus! I didn't know you liked basketball. Which team do you like best and who is your favourite player? I've heard that LeBron James is pretty good.