Monday, 22 September 2014

The American Job Chapter 1

“You go south and I will go West” as Mark Willberk shouting in his boat to Stevenson Dwayne who was on a different boat to go and look for the safe with lots of gold in it. “Mark I have found the safe”
as Stevenson shout from the other said of the warehouse “its over here, people are surrounding it come on” “nice work Stevenson” said mark. “Tonight we will put some TNT around the safe when no one is here okay”said Mark “okay” said Stevenson.

That night Mark and Stevenson was back at the warehouse “did you bring the TNT” Mark said “yes” said Stevenson “okay come over here see this door tomorrow it will be close so lets put some TNT here and around the safe we will put some TNT there ok.” Suddenly there was a loud noises it was the police Stevenson Shouted “ let's get out of here as fast as they could the jumped into their boats and drove away way.

As the were driving suddenly Stevenson boat went out it could not start up again.

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  1. I really like when I took a movie idea and turned it into my idea. The movie I got all my ideals from is The Italian Job. When they had a friend to help them steal the gold then suddenly he turned bad and stole the gold from his friend. For next time I really want to use lots of juicy words and more punctuation so that my message is clear.