Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Samoa Narrative Writing

Once upon a time there were twin who names were Izac and Zac. The twins had something each special in them, Izac the prank master and Zac the brains. There was a annoying teacher who always look out for people who trys to get inside the school in Apia and his name is Kent Somerville (Mr S) for short.

The twins loved pranking, when I mean loved it I really mean they fell in love with pranking. One day raining and stormy night the twins went to school when Kent went home, the twins set traps all round school when Zac said “ wait, are there camera ” Izac replied “ no” then Zac said “ so what is that ” “oh no we are busted.” Suddenly a voice came out of no where “ you got 30 seconds to get out of the building.

Kent find them and turned of the camera and said “ you to better stop all this pranking something might go wrong of you do not stop I will call the police,” Zac replied “after our last prank 3 2 1” a bucket  falls on kent with rootin fish, rubbish and soy milk. Kent said with a angry voice “thats it I am calling the police” the twin tried to run away but the police was all around the school.

The policeman said in a loud voice “ put your hand on you head ” out of no where Zac said “ it was Izac who always pranks everyone, ” the policeman said “ Izac you are going to jail.” Izac tried to run away but when he started to run the policeman shot him in the back with a taser.

Izac went to jail for 3 and a half year and 200 days of community work and Zac went to New Zealand to find a different partner and prank more and more people.

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