Friday, 1 November 2013

The Accident

One sunny day Sam went for a ride on his new four wheel bike on the farm. Showing off to Jordan,Jerome and Sally who got some rocks and started to throw them at Sam, but they keep on missing.

Sam went uphill and downhill until he came toward a big hill.Sam went up and came back down he tried again and again until he said to himself I can do it.Sam went so fast that when he go to the top he fell over his bike was stuck on his leg.

Sam cried out loud “help help” Sam’s Dad saw Sam on the hill stuck.Sam’s dad said “Sally go and call the westpac helicopter,Jordan and Jerome come with me” Jordan said “why do we have to go,it his fault he was being a show off” Dad said “just came with me,there they go lets go help them.” westpac helicopter arrived at the seen the westpac people,Jordan,Jerome and Dad pushed  the bike of Sam’s legs.

The westpac people put Sam into the westpac helicopter.They went to the Auckland hospital.Sam back at home after a few months.So Sam learnt a lesson to never to show off.So Sam live happily ever after.                                                                                                      

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