Friday, 22 August 2014

Catching The Bus

I have created a movie about Samoa with my reading group. The focus of our movie was to find the Differences and Similarities between Samoa and New Zealand. Samoa is a little bit different to New Zealand because if you are in New Zealand you can wait in a bus stop but if you are in samoa you just wait outside your house. 

Some other things that are different to New Zealand are, if you go to the bus you pay after you hop off the bus, and if the seats are full you can sit next to the driver. But you have to hold on tight because there isn't a door and you might fall out! Or else you can sit on someones lap you don't know! Weird eh?!

1.Samoan busses are colourful and awesome
2.Samoans have to pay after they get off the bus
3.Their buses have a car like shape and New Zealand ones are like a big rectangle.

1.You have to wave your hand out to get the bus driver’s attention
2.You have to wait to catch the bus in Samoa and New Zealand
3.You have to pay on both of the busses

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