Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My School Holidays

In my holiday’s I stayed home playing NBA2K13 On my PE3. I do my career when I am by myself but when my brother you're my sister comes to play we play one on one. For my career I my Lebron James who plays for the Miami Heats.

On my career teams try to buy me like LA Lakers and Oklahoma city thunder, but I say no because I am in the best team. In my team I have Wade, Cole, Chalmers, bosh, and of cause Lebron James. But it is really annoying because one your two teams try to buy me after I play game.

When I play my career I like to play in the finals because you have to beat a team for times to move on to the next round. The teams you vs is the team in your side like East vs East and West vs West once you come first you vs the winner from the other.

I won the final three times in a row, hopefully I can make it four times. What I enjoy about NBA2K13 is the players.

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