Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Successful Pt Englander

Do you want to be a successful Pt Englander? To be a successful Pt Englander you have to listen to your parent and be respectful to people even if you do not know them.

Listen to your parent can help you through life, you may not know if you really need their advice about be successful or being safe. When a Parent is telling you to do something you should do it right a way even if you do not even want to cause if you do not they can get angry like hulk. Your mum and dad always do stuff for you, so you should do something nice back.   

Being respectful can be a part of your life. If you be respectful to others they will be respectful back to you and you can feel nice about it. Being respectful means be respectful to people things, house and personer thing, like if you know that you are not to touch it don’t because if you do they will not respect you back.

Listen to my parent and be respectful to people is a part of my life cause i can feel nice about myself. So you should do these thing to help you be a successful Pt Englander.

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