Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My Holiday

Waking up up knowing that I have bought WWE2K14. Running to my PS3 putting in the game when i heard my mum from the garden “ Cyrus come and help me.” After i had help my mum i came inside did some chores I went back into the my room to play the game.

When I was playing I played for 4-5 hours and i did not have to do anything play when I heard the phone rang it’s was my cousins they said they will be coming over in one hour. I hanged up the phone and i gave a big sigh and ran to my room and said to myself “ I have got only one hour till my cousins comes.

In the game you have to choose a WWE / WWF / ECW superstar or a Hall of famer. But some of the ECW and WWF superstars are looked. The easters way to unlock a superstay is if you beat and hall of famer and if you will two times in wrestlemania. On WWE2K14 there is two The Rock Old The Rock and New The Rock.

After I played WWE2K14 my cousins came running in my room the take out my game and put Mario cars in. Sometimes I feel like i just  want to hit them kick them out of my room but my mum will get angry at me.

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