Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Here Goes

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Goes! Questions

Please answer in FULL answers

The first one has been started for you…

1) Why is the Argo called an amphibian?
The Argo is called an amphibian because

2) How many wheels does the Argo have?
The argo has 8 wheel so it can go in and out of the water.
3) Where did the story take place?
The story takes place at Happy valley near Nelson.
4) What were the 3 things that Keith gave the children before they got in the Argo?
The three thing Keith a rain coat, A helmet and a Life Jacket.
5) What did the wheels do when the Argo was in the water?
The wheels were spinning crazily in the water.
6) Why did mud spray into the childrens faces?
The wheels spun fast in the mud
7) Why did Keith take the children around the course in different directions the second time?
So we never knew where we’d end up next.
8) What did the parents say the children looked like at the end?
You look like drowned rats.


1) Look up Nelson in Google maps. Take a screenshot and post below.
Screenshot 2014-06-05 at 09.17.32.png
2) Go to wikipedia  ← Click here
  • When were Amphibious ATV’s (Argos) first invented?
  • Amphibious was first invented 1970,1980
  • In which countries were they most popular?
United States

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