Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Camp Betzon

Guess what I capsised in my sailing boat and my kayak? On tuesday 18th of November the year 6 at Pt england School went to Camp Bentzon at Kawau Island.

Our first activity was raft making we made our raft under a tree so after we make it we can take it to the sea. But when we were taking it to the sea it fell apart so we had to make it again. The next raft we made was a big fail it did not make a meter. So we ask Andy Tiamana mum to help us but she made a two seater raft and it made 5 meters.

After that epic fail we had morning tea and to get ready for Bivouac, for Bivouac we had to make a hut and it has to be water proof. When we arrived where we had to do Bivouac we spit into two groups and make a hut. We were almost finish until the other group wanted to join with us so we had to make it bigger. And guess what it was waterproof?   

After having a sandwich we had to go to sailing. At sailing Peter the owner of Camp Bentzon was talking to us for 20 minutes. After all that talking we got into a sailing and sailed away. I was getting the hang of it when I went bit far and then capsised it took me 5 minutes to get in to my boat and sail back to shore.

So I got back to the shore went to get try for our next activity. After I got try I went to have morning tea and have a little break.

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