Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pt England School Cross Country

My Introduction
I can’t believe the big day has arrived! It was our school cross country. I got ready and had a big healthy breakfast ready for my race.

Paragraph about: waiting,nervous
I was racing in the 10 years old boys. We arrived at the court and we had to line up in our age group .We had to wait really long while we had to sit on the court . When I was sitting on the count I was really nervous my heart was pounding. I was shaking with fear.  

Paragraph about: lining up at the star
It was our turn to race. I was really nervous my heart was pounding. Mrs Jarman called the 10 year old boys up. Mrs Jarman told us to go and line up at the line were Mr burnt was waiting.Mr Burt told us were to go.  

Paragraph about: Maddy course with puddles
When I was running I step in the mud it made me showdown. I was really lucky that I did not have my shoes on. The gooey mud oozed through my toes. When I step in the puddles I got my school shout wet.

Conclusion that makes my message clear
The Pt England school cross country was easy to run because I have been training for the big run.When I finished my run I was really proud of my efforts.I was really tired after the school cross country.

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